Carbonized Discography

  • 1989: 'Auto-Da-Fe' (Demo)
  • 1990: 'No Canonization' (7") [ Thrash Records ]
  • 1991: 'Recarbonization' (Demo)
  • 1991: 'For The Security' [ Tharsh Records ]
  • 1993: 'Disharmonization' [ Foundation 2000 Records]
  • 1996: 'Screaming Machines' [ Foundation 2000 Records]
Remember when Google's products used to work? Yeah, me too. Today they don't, so these images are uploaded through ImgUr instead of Blogspot. Whenever Google gets their act together, I'm sure I'll be here just waiting for the chance to upload. Because none of us have anything to do but wait for your cut-rate programmers to get their act together, Google.

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