Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Carbonized - Disharmonization CD

Carbonized - Disharmonization
Carbonized - Disharmonization CD has been re-issued. You can buy it at for $12.
That this construction sets up an opposition between Satriani-esque rhythm leads which create a melodic song within a song, and the more conventional fusion of one-chord surf, reggae, hardcore and metal riffing, causes no opposition because, like an accompaniment to a drama, guitars unfold in a landscape navigated by a dispassionate observer through variations which -- like a death metal band -- fuse the absurd through a continuity of development of abstract theme. Drums, like in jazz, shadow the phrase; unlike in jazz, they switch before each partition, but unlike in grindcore, they do not duplicate in unison the rhythm guitar tempo. Taking a cue from the first album, tempi vary widely as do the styles of percussion which quote from a dozen genres. -
  1. Frozen Landscapes
  2. Vladtepes
  3. Lord Of Damnation
  4. Silent Journey
  5. Spanish Fly
  6. Succubus
  7. Night Shadows
  8. The Voice Of The Slained Pig
  9. Confessions
  10. Spacecraft
  11. Whip Me Darling
Produced by Thomas Skogsberg & Carbonized. Recorded at Sunlight Studios in 3 days in Autumn 1992.

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