Carbonized Biography

Carbonized was a Swedish grindcore band formed in 1988 by Lars Rosenberg (Bass), Matti Karki (Vocals), Jonas Deroueche (Guitars), Stefan Ekstrom (Guitars), and Markus Ruden (Drums). All members played in other notorious Swedish death metal and grindcore bands including Dismember, Carnage, Therion and Nihilist.

Carbonized released the "Auto-Da-Fe" demo in 1989 and soon after released a 7" on Thrash Records entitled "No Canonization" which was recorded at Sunlight Studios in January 1990 and received many good reviews. In 1991 the band released its first full length, <em>For the Security</em>, which combined rigid grindcore with  psychedelic music. The following year, Carbonized released <em>Disharmonization</em> which went in a more progressive direction and abandoned the straight extremity. It was praised by metal fans for its ability to forge something unique out of this style, but in leaving grind behind, Carbonized lost much of their essential audience. In 1996, as black and death metal collapsed from their own weight and grindcore had fallen into self-imitation, Carbonized released their final album <em>Screaming Machines</em> and shortly afterward dissolved with members going on to their primary bands.

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